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jamin [jaminski (zavináč)]30.08.2006 o 09:30:39

As it's said on their page -

"From Friday, 01.09.2006, we go to the public beta test. Then everybody can take part."

MeX [mex (zavináč)]02.09.2006 o 18:59:15

Thread moved to new-created forum Spinhenge@home
jamin [jaminski (zavináč)]31.08.2006 o 07:40:17

understood :)

thanks for clarification... I'm from Poland - I understand Slovak language but that's all :/

zerkof12 [zerkof12 (zavináč)]31.08.2006 o 05:57:07

"I do try tell something" means "I do NOT try tell something"
sorry about this mistake

zerkof12 [zerkof12 (zavináč)]30.08.2006 o 21:08:21

to : Jamin
I do try tell something like this project is wrong or something else. We have some another projects, which are comercial or half commercial and many users and teams participate in these projects. I think its absolutely great, when in some new projects are only 17 teams and one  them is team BOINC.SK- on 10th position. I just tell i will not participate in this project, doesn´t matter why, because like you wrote its my choice. And at second : I cannot switch from SH@Enh because: I am out from my office, i have not some "remote control" (i am managing my network thru phone with my wife, which is normal user, not admin - sometimes is very "funny" - I have Win, Novell, Red Hat...) and i am working for now only in SH@Enh project in which is our team crounching very well in last few weeks (in RAC).
Btw, my I ask you wher are you from ? It just question, nothing else. Because i can see you do not speek (write) slovak too much, and you are in Slovak team...
happy crounching anyway
I do not think we can found some aliens. Because if they are somewhere, they cannot be too stupid and make some contacs with civilisation like our. Because i think we are VERY stupid :-) I do not think about our IQ, we are making very stupid decision ("our" interpretation of democracy, our relation to evironment etc) (ICQ: 129298904, SKYPE: [slavko (zavináč)]30.08.2006 o 19:45:50

Kazdy ma svoje nazory a priority. Niekto hlada mimozemstanov bez zaruky uspechu a niekto rata dizertacne prace. Kazdy ako sa mu chce. Ja sa radim k prvej skupine.

jamin [jaminski (zavináč)]30.08.2006 o 19:34:31

My fault:

1) it should be in response to tahanko's question from 17.08.2006 at 10:21:27 but I can't fix it.

2) of course I should open a thread in"Projektové diskusné fóra" but I can't write in Slovak language so it's better to let somebody else do it

happy crunching and sorry for mistake in answering thanko's question

@zerkof12 - it's your personal opinion - you can search for aliens (I'm curious - did you find many? what is an average number of aliens for your more than 1.000.000 credits) and you can as well help somebody write his master thesis - a matter of pure choice :) (ICQ: 129298904, SKYPE: [slavko (zavináč)]30.08.2006 o 17:21:56

Jo jo, tak ako pises. Radsej budem nahant ufonov ;o)

zerkof12 [zerkof12 (zavináč)]30.08.2006 o 17:12:40

toto asi presunut do ineho fora, resp vytvorit forum :   Spinhenge@home.
Kvoli korektnosti treba spomenut existenciu takehoto projektu, dodat snad este ze zatial je iba Windows aplikacia, ale tiez ja osobne za seba mozem povedat, ze nikomu nemienim ratat jeho dizertacnu pracu :-)

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